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Sustainability Management (ESG)

Environmental Safety Management

Seondo Electric recognizes safety and health as the top priority of the Company throughout its business activities, and establishes the safety and health management policy as follows to do its best to create a safe workplace.

  • Realization of Zero Hazard inside
    and outside the Company
    The Company shall establish a safe
    and pleasant workplace by identifying orga-
    nizational risks/opportunities and
    environmental aspects of risk factors, establishing countermeasures, and implementing continuous improvement, and realize zero hazard workplace.
  • Discovery of Hazard and Risk Factors
    and Making Improvements
    All organizations shall establish a safe
    workplace and derive maximum
    performance by discovering potential hazard
    and risk factors within the workplace and making improvements.
  • Practicing Responsible
    Safety and Health Work
    All organizations shall periodically
    identify and confirm safety, health and
    environment compliance obligations
    and continuously comply with them.