Product Name :Substation Total Automation System
  - an automatic system seeking for ideal operations of the entire electrical facilities at a
- by using an Information Technology (IT), enhancing the dependability of facilities with
  the entire analysis and treatment like watch of breaker condition and tap control of a

Composition of the System

(Human man

via CSD, providing the operator with the entire
information about electrical facilities and transmitting control order.
(Comunication Service
by receiving the entire operation information from RTU
and others, supplying the information to upper-level system and
transmitting upper-level information RTU and others.
(Remote Terminal Unit)
sending and receiving the entire information to and from
CSD, watching and controlling thefield facilities.

Major Composition
32Bit RISC Processor
16MB SDRAM, Expansion Possibility: 16~32MB
Serial I/O
Asynchronous Serial IO 2 Port, Synchronous HDLC Serial IO 2 Port
10M/100M Auto Sensing Twisted Pair Cable(UTP/RJ45)
Support 2 Ethernet Port
Watch Dogs Timer
Capacity of Disassembly
of SOE

Major Function
  - Remote watch and control function
- Remote intergrated and measurement function
- Function to exchange data with external system
- Function to Record, alarm
- Function to calculate received data
- Function to receive data of digital relay
- Editing function of database and trend graph
- File transmission and management function
- Synchronizing function of standard time by using GPS
- System diagnosis and remote maintenance and
  repair function
- Duplication and accessibility control function
- SMS(Short Message Service) function

Characteristics of the System
  - System with high dependability and user-friendly environment based on Windows 2000
- User-centered graphic operation environment
- Use of multi database (MS-SQL 2000)
- System stability (use of Dual CPU, Disk Mirroring, Duplication Equipments)
- System Extensibility (easy extension of software and hardware)
- Easiness of system installation (easy installment with a setup program)
- Employing real time operational system
- Supporting plural protocol (DNP 3.0, Harris 5000/6000 etc.)

  - Watch and control division for electrical equipments of a power plant and a substation
- Watch and control division for environment
- Distribution and supply of electricity division for subway and express electrical railway
- Diagnosis division for communication network
- Watch and control division for traffic signals
- Watch and control division for lighting facilities
- Watch and control division for waterworks like water treatment
- Watch and control division for industrial plants

Person in Charge : Chief Lee, Joonduk of the Research Institute
(Tel : +82 31 494 0615, Fax : +82 31 493 1540)