Product Name :Gas Load Insulatted Breaker Switch
Apply This unit is used to break the load in the distribution of 25.8KV 600A under-the-land line.
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Insulation, break, and simple grounding by SF6 Gas
  - It guarantees perfect break capacity by high insulation and excellent fire-fighting
  capacity of SF6 Gas.
- The danger of fire is none by using inflammable SF6 Gas.
- The use of Puffer fire-fighting type in which SF6 Gas is compressed I the cylinder
  allows excellent opening-closing capacity.
- Both the opening-closing surge occurring when using vacuum interrupter and flash
  over phenomenon by charged electric current of cable do not happen.
- The grounding switch inside allows grounding with a simple operation.

High safty, complete maintenance free
  - The use of inflammable SF6 Gas allows no possibility of fire, so that it can be used
  at anyplace inside and outside the house.
- SF6 Gas is none-toxic, no-harmful with high stability.
- Since it is manufactured with perfect sealing-up by TIG welding and simple tools,
  it does not require maintenance.

Complete water-proof and rust-proof
  The main body of opening-closing panel is welded with stainless steel, and is covered with resin, so that it has no rust.

Small size and light-weight
  The insulation method of SF6 Gas and a simple design of operational tools allow a small size and light weight, which minimizes the space for installation.

  25.8 KV 600 A 125 KV
  25.8 KV 600 A 125 KV
  25.8 KV 600 A 125 KV
  25.8 KV 600 A 150 KV

Section SDP-4D-M1
Rated Voltage 25.8 KV
Rated Current 600 A
Rated Frequency 60 Hz
Electric Current Opening-Closing Capacity 100% Load Electric Current Opening-Closing Capacity 600 A
5% Load Electric Current Opening-Closing Capacity - 30 A
Female Electric Current Opening-Closing Capacity 21 A
Cable Charged Electric Current Opening-Closing Capacity 25 A 25 A
Rail Charged Electric Current Opening-Closing Capacity 1.5 A
Loop Electric Current Opening-Closing Capacity 600 A
Short Time Electric Current 12.5 kA / 1 sec.
Making Current 32.5 kA
Common use Frequency Interior Voltgate 60 kA / 1 min.
Direct Current Interior Voltage 78 kV / 15 min.
Impact Interior Voltage 125 kV 150 kV
Pressure Within (at 20℃) Standard Gas Pressure 0.7 kg/cm2
Operation Type Manual Automatic Manual Automatic
Insulation Medium SF6 GAS
Approx Weight 400 kg 500 kg 350 kg 350 kg
Applied Size Temporary Standard Purchase Specifications by Korea Electric Company (PS151-143~145, PS 151-165, PS151-161~179)