Product Name :Metal-Clad Swithgear : MCSG 15kV "VE" Type
The SEONDO type VE metal-clad switchgear is designed so that user can safely carry out the normal service,inspection and maintenance operations, including checking the phase sequence, earthing the connected cables, locating cable faults, testing the voltae of connected cables or other apparatus and eliminating of dangerous electrostatic charges.
All components can be replaced with components of the same ratings and construction.
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Excellent insulation characterisstics
- Adopting a one-piece insulation frame inconrporating and individual U-shaped frame for three phases and using two sheeets of insulation materials for separation the individual frames from each other,high insulation characteristics are assured.

Low noise
Operating noise is very low. Since current is interruped within the vacuum interrupter, interrupting noise is barely audible on the interior. There is no fear of explosion and fire,since operation is entirely safe.


Facilitated maintenance/inspection
- Service life of the vacuum interrupter contact is long, current conductive parts of the main circuit can be easily maintanined and checked,are replacement of then vaccum interrupter is rarely required.
-By removing the front cover, component parts are easily accessible for replacement.



Further safety
- Employing a dead front structure in which the operation mechansim is arranged on then front size while the main circuit conductive section is mounted at the rear, operating safety is assured.
- Enclosed in a steel housing, the operating mechanism is protected from dust adn dirt.

Compact size,lightweight, and easy-to-handle
- Vacuum circuit breakers are more compactly sized and lighter in weight.
- Compact size of a vacuum circuit breaker makes it possible to reduce the cubicle size and to minimize its installation space. Light weight of a vacuum circuit breaker makes it easy to house and install on a cubicle.


Rated Voltage 3.6 / 7.2 / 12 / 15 kV
Rated Current 630A - 2000A
(Consult with the company for over 2000A)
Rated Frequency 60 or 50 Hz
Rated Short Time Current : 1sec Max. 25 kA
Rated Operating Voltage DC 110 or 125V, AC 110V
(Consult with the company for ordering other items)

W: 800mm
H: 2350mm
D: 1900mm
(Manufacture on order is allowed for special occasion)