Product Name :Metal-Clad Swithgear : MCSG 24kV "SVE" Type
SEONDO 24kV calss switchgear is designed,produced and tested based on JEM and IEC standard and can be applied to various fields of transforming facility.
Eventhough our company standard for 24kV switchgear is VCB, andy type of circuit breaker like as VCB can be applied to 24kV switchgear.
SEONDO's 24kV type swithgear could be applied to any system like single bus system.
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SEONDO's 24kV switchgear is composed of 3 separate compartments.
(By request 4 compartments is possible)

if ratings are same within the unit, internal equipment exchange is possible.

Cubicle is classifeid and designed based on JEM standard.(E class, F2 class)

Circuit breaker compartment is equipped with automatic shutter whitch interlocks with the circuit breaker when circuit breaker opens or closes.

Funture extension is easy.

Draw out type of the circuit breaker is the standard but according to the request it could be constructed ind PDS type.(option)


Rated Voltage 24 / 25.8 kV
Rated Current 400A - 2000A
(Consult with the company for over 2000A)
Rated Frequency 60 or 50 Hz
Rated Short Time Current : 1sec Max. 25 kA
Rated Operating Voltage DC 110 or 125V, AC 110V
(for other order, consult with the company)

W: 1200mm - 1800mm
H: 2350mm - 2550mm
D: 2500mm & 3300mm
(on a special occasion, manufacturing on order is possible)