Product Name :25.8kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (SF6 GIS)
Apply Power Station : Transforner and distribution substations.
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High Reliablity
Remarkable space reduction
High Safety
Substantially maintenance-free
Short term for construction works
Overall cost reduction

1) 25.8kV GIS Standard
Rated Voltage

25.8kV (rms)

Rated Current 600, 2000A (rms)
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Rated Short-time
Electric Current
25kA (rms, 1sec)
Rated Ac Withstand Voltage 50kV (rms, rms, between charging part and the ground)
60kV (rms, Between poles)
Rated lightning withstand Voltage 125kV (peak, between charging part and the ground)
145kV (peak, between single pole)
Control or operated circuit Voltage DC 125V, AC 220V (Single phase)

2) Single Bus Bar or Double Bus Bar

3 ) Unit Dimension
  600(W) x 2664(D) x 2500(H)

4 ) Weight
  Approx. 850 kg