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System Development Team
  As the production technology of manufacturing business has changed from manual work to mechanization and automation (FA), the industrial electronics field has been experiencing rapid changes. In this wave of changes, we at Seondo have built a small boat of system, and are going to be a crucial member of the society with customers.

Young and ambitious engineers with specialized technology and experiences in each of industrial electronics including DCS, SCADA, PLC and various controller, will solve any problem with which they may encounter in the business.

In particular, we have a lot of knowhow on communication interface which is essential for connecting different computers and existing controllers as one system, and a control system using One Chip Microprocessor.

In the unpredictable changes in the new century, the Department of System Business has definite goals to achieve in the 21st century: the one is to provide the most advanced technology by developing new technology in the field of industrial facilities, and the other is to provide technology and service which harmonize humans and computers in the life of information in the 21st century.
Applicable Field Click on the product image for the information of the product.
Product Picture Product Name Usage Characteristics
  Distnbuted Controller System (DCS)   UNIX / WINDOWS   Sewage treatment and purification of dirty and waste water
  154kV Monitoring and Control System   UNIX   Korea Electric Power Company 154KV, 345KV transformer substation
facility supervision and control
  Substation Total Automation System   WINDOWS 2000 Server   Korea Electric Company 154KV substation
facility supervision and control
  DDC   WINDOWS   Small-size electricity supervision and control, and elevator control