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Electric Instrument Development Team
  Because of the changes in atmospheric environment and the destruction of ozone layer due to industrialization and others, air pollution including Yellow Sand and smoke has reached a serious condition.

By recognizing the atmospheric environment, our company is going to supply you with clean air under the title of information technology of environment. Our company has developed a wide range of products including negative ion, ozone, electric dust collector by utilizing the technology of high voltage over the past twenty years. Recently our company has extended business area to various chemical and physical filters, and we are endeavoring to develop new technology by working hard for the technology developments.

All the creative and specialized engineer in our company are making incessant efforts to escape ourselves from ever increasing air pollution.
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Product Picture
Product Name Usage Characteristics
  Electric Dust Collector   Air Purifier, air conditioner, heater, and vehicles   Excellent capacity to remove dust
Various dust collecting design
Ordering of design possible
  High Voltage Generator   Air purifier, negative ion, ozone generator, electric spray, and smoke reducer and others.   Stable voltage supply
Over-heating circuit
Perfect insulation design by trans
Ordering of design possible
  Negative Ion Generator   Air purifier, air conditioner, heater, and vehicles   Generation of large quantity of negative ion
Complete testing equipment
Ordering of design possible
  Distribution Breaker and Short Circuit Breaker   Home and overall industry   Perfect breaking capacity
Protection from noise and surge
  Electronic Contactor   Overall industry including building facilities, railway facilities   Perfect breaking capacity
Excellent peak capacity